FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why ASPE-TEC can give a price and time advantage to their customers/partners?
  • Years of experience in the industry,
  • we’re very familiar with the market in asian,
  • reliable partner for qualitative components,
  • well-coordinated/experienced team.
Who organize the tool deliveries?
  • This is considered individually and can be organized by you, your supplier or us.

Which Tool experiance do you have and what kinds of tools you can realize?

  • Prototype mould, Multi-cavity mould, Stack mould, Unscrewing mould,
  • 2K Overmolding mould, 2K index plate mould, IMD mould, Gas-assistant mould,
  • Blowmoulding mould, Extrusion mould, Compression mould, SMC mould,
  • Progressive Stamping Dies, Transfer Stamping Dies, Deep Drawing Dies, Casting Dies

What tool size you can handle?

  • At this time in China up to 1,5m length and 10 tons.
  • And our partner in Germany can currently handle up to 8 tons, in the near future it will be 15 tons. 

Can you handle the complete Project including building the tools in China?

  • Yes, we have a project team directly in China, but we have agreements with our partners and if your supplier is already our partner then we will just support your future project with him.
What does quality mean for a company like ASPE-TEC?
  • Modern industrial digitalization and a perfect interaction between all relevant areas of quality assurance and manufacturing.